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Material title : Information System Management (Meeting 2)

Author : Sapta Candra Miarsa, S.T., M.T.

Publisher : Mercu Buana University Yogyakarta

Subject : Management Information System

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The main point in information systems management is to keep the supply of information flowing to managers. Helping managers to identify and understand problems in a systematic manner with the support of information systems. That way, managers in the company/organization can take various choices or decision models.

Through this 2nd meeting material, Sapta Candra Miarsa will explain information system management from various topics of discussion, including:

  1. relationship of data, information, and knowledge;
  2. information overload;
  3. the value of information;
  4. basic concepts of information;
  5. operation support;
  6. organizational management;
  7. utilization of management and decision models;
  8. information users;
  9. levels of management and users of information;
  10. information flow;
  11. usability/function of information system; and
  12. information system management subsystems.

In the material, the author describes the relationship of data, information, and knowledge in a chart and pyramid. The author also questions whether information overload is beneficial? What are the implications? And how should information be presented so that it is not in a state of “information overload”, but has value?

In an information system, the value of information is said to be valuable if the benefits are more effective than the cost of obtaining and most of the information cannot be estimated in terms of the value of money, but the value of its effectiveness can be estimated.

In addition, the existing management information system (MIS) often does not work properly. The main problem is that the MIS is considered too much information that is not valuable or redundant (information overload). Therefore, understanding the basic concepts of information is very important in processing data into a form that is more useful and more meaningful to those who receive it.

The trend in transaction processing in the latest information systems is towards "online" data collection and online inquiries. The ability to obtain information online has a very large role in supporting information. This means that any authorized officer can get an immediate answer to a request for information such as the last estimated position of a customer or the stock available for a particular type of item.

Utilization of management and decision making models used in MIS can be in the form of intelligent models to find problems, decision models to identify and analyze possible solutions, and various model options such as optimization models ( optimization model) which provides an optimal solution or satisfactory method to meet various situations that require a decision.

The level of management and users of information is described in the form of a pyramid consisting of top management (strategic planning), middle level management (managerial control), lower level management (operational control), and operations (transaction processing).

In general, management information systems are divided into 5 subsystems, namely:

  1. executive information system (main sub unit of the organization);
  2. marketing information system;
  3. manufacturing information system;
  4. financial information system;
  5. human resource information system.

In more detail, the marketing, manufacturing, financial, and human resources information systems (each) have several input subsystems and output subsystems with different functions.

After reading, listening, evaluating, analyzing, and understanding the material for the 2nd meeting of the Management Information System (MIS) course, students are expected to have new insights about the role and importance of management information systems in solving problems or making business decisions.

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